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Nike Huarache Womens Green

Nike Huarache Womens Green

Nike Huarache Womens Green

"Some people will close their car parks. Some will move altogether.

"The university's scheme seems to be a fairer way of looking at the problem from an environmental perspective, rather than an income generating one."

The WPL is ridiculous, the fact that they want to bring it into force (early!) in August is stupid and simply a money making scam! How is it more eco friendly? Half the routes through campus are being closed down and it makes parking a nightmare and I have to drive 3 times further to find a space than before. I also use Nike Huarache Womens Green public transport but this is only ok if you live in the city centre. It takes me 40 50 mins door to door as it is when it's 10 mins by car. It is unfair to compare it to NTU as this campus is over 3 miles out of the city centre. As most people know all buses tend to go into the city centre so people have to catch 2 or even 3 buses. I am all in favour of using public transport as well as biking and walking to work and am not a stubborn person who thinks everyone has the 'right' to drive to work. I do think that the University is completely ignoring their staff's concerns and the whole 'green' aspect is just utter nonsense. Yet again, we're just being punished for working and paying taxes and I am sick of paying through the nose for nothing!

University's parking levy plans target well

"There are still a lot of people considering what they should do," he said.

Nike Huarache Womens Green

Professor Saffa Riffat, of the department of the built environment at the university, said he didn't know how much he was due to be charged, but as he drives a low emission Toyota Prius hybrid car it would be relatively cheap.

John Dowson, of the Derbyshire and Notts Chamber of Commerce, said he wasn't aware of any other businesses that had announced plans to introduce their own charges in response to the levy.

A spokesman for the city council said: "Employers have no need to tell us how they intend to implement parking management Air Huarache Run Prm

"As an organisation, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and the wider impact that our activities have on the environment.


Nike Huarache Womens Green

"By putting vehicle emissions at its heart and offering a more flexible voucher option, we hope to encourage staff and students to consider alternative and public transport as a means of getting to our campuses, even if only for part of their working week."

Nike Huarache Womens Green

"I am happy to pay for my car parking," he said.

Nike Huarache Womens Green

"We have invested a great deal of care in devising the new university car parking charges scheme across all our campuses, which we believe is the fairest way of off setting the extra financial burden which will arise from this new tax.

Nike Huarache Womens Green

Nike Huarache Womens Green

"Staff and students should be consulted about the car parking, but ultimately it's up Nike Huarache Utility Womens

you are penalised. Like usual senior management are not stung at the same percentage. It's an ill thought out policy.

The levy can be paid by employers or passed on to employees.

"Some may introduce a flat rate scheme for everyone and some may absorb the cost.

The city council's workplace parking levy is being introduced to raise money for new tram lines to Clifton and Chilwell, the Nottingham railway station revamp, and also to maintain the Link Bus network.

"Clearly, in these challenging times it would be unreasonable to expect us, as a publicly funded organisation, to absorb these costs.

to the university to decide. It's a good way to reduce pollution from transport, and it will encourage more people to drive eco friendly cars."

Chris Jagger, chief estates and facilities officer at the university, said: "In April 2012, the university will be receiving a substantial annual bill from the workplace parking levy being imposed by Nottingham City Council.

Nike Huarache Womens Green

Working at the Uni's 'campus' at the old Central TV studios, I am sincerely angry at this WPL as there is not a decent bus route serving this campus. I have no choice to drive in and even though I will be paying for this privilege I am not guaranteed a car parking space! However my biggest gripe is the ridiculous matrix they have devised based on CO2 emmisions and salary. Basically if you are a low paid staff who can't afford an eco or new car Air Huarache Green

Nike Huarache Womens Green

Nike Huarache Womens Green

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