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Those efforts could include resubmitting collected DNA or bullets if there have been advancements in technology, Baldwin said. Or, using detailed statistics in databases to look at other cases with similar circumstances.

"Most homicides are personal," Szeniawski said, and there is usually a reason the victim was targeted.

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On Dec. 17, a nearly blind elderly woman was found by a caregiver shot to death in her Nike Huarache Womens Purple home on Aviation Road, off the 120 Loop near the Cobb Community Transit transfer station.

Of the six homicides the Marietta Police Department has investigated in 2013, only one remains unsolved.

While that's on the upper end of what's typical for Cobb County, it's not the highest number of homicides the county has seen in recent years. In 2011, there were 30 people killed by another person.

Shooter targets woman in her car

But it is one "that is a horrifically tragic case," said Officer David Baldwin, spokesman for the department.

Baldwin said a case runs cold when "detectives have literally reached the end of their investigation" by exhausting every piece of evidence and every lead.

Investigators will continue to canvass the area and talk to family to "look at every aspect and dynamic Nike Huarache Nm Black/White

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Cobb Police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said the man was not a suspect, but was questioned as a witness.

Police say Juanita Calvert, 86, who lived with her bedridden male companion, was the victim of theft earlier in 2013 by a former caregiver, Antione Davis, who is out on bond after being arrested on two felony charges of exploitation of a disabled adult and theft by taking, according to police reports.

the of the personal nature of homicides, the crime is often not preventable.

Marietta Police try to review Marietta Police try to review stalled cases to "reignite a spark," Baldwin said.

the Kennesaw Police Department.

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Poonmagar was found dead in her car in the parking lot of Westminster Square Apartments, where she lived. to a reported car crash at the complex off Windy Hill Road.

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Although the apartments were gated, the large black iron gate had been smashed two weeks prior to the shooting and has been left wide open ever since, according to residents of the complex.

Szeniawski said, because Huarache Shoes Blue

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Unsolved murders Five homicide cases from 2013 remain on books in Cobb County

No arrests have been made and detectives are still actively investigating, said Baldwin.

of (Poonmagar's) personal life," Pierce said.

The last homicide in Kennesaw dates back to 2009, and it was murder suicide, according to Officer Scott Luther with Nike Air Huarache Txt

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Most killings not random in Cobb

Poonmagar and her husband, Tara, were natives of Nepal. She had joined her husband in Cobb two years ago, after he started a tourism business, said a friend at the crime scene.

Cobb officers were inside Poonmagar's apartment on the afternoon of Dec. 31, where they escorted a man, who appeared to be of South Asian ethnicity, but was not Poonmagar's husband, down the stairs of the apartment building and into the front passenger seat of a detective's car.

Who killed 86 year old Juanita Calvert?

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The Cobb 2013 homicide rate of 28 people does not include suicides, although many of the killings were committed right before the killer turned the gun on him or herself.

Four of the five unsolved homicides have been investigated by Cobb Police, including the New Year's Eve shooting of Manju Poonmagar, 37, of Marietta.

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Of the 17 homicides solved by Cobb Police in 2013, Szeniawski said, only two of the suspects were from outside of Cobb County. Five of the killings remain unsolved.

Szeniawski said homicides in Cobb never seem to be random acts or mass shootings in malls or schools.

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