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The app would define core features and nice to have features. The user would be able to disable the nice to haves. Admittedly this just pushes the problem one layer down because Facebook would just make everything part of the core and force people to install. Too many permissions, too intrusive to the UI. I have deleted Facebook from my phone before and I'm fine without it now.

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"There could also be Nike Huarache Womens Sale an option to provide the app with fake data instead of telling it to not have any permissions,"Some guys from Cyanogen released a proof on concept a while ago. It forces app developers to declare Huaraches Black And White High Top

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The best use case for oneself would be if missing features are emulated with dummy data using some app firewall tool. Should be used to it, with the variability of platforms.

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what they want to do on you system, but the install process stays simple and straightforward. And Google can use the permission list and double check apps with critical permissions for malicous behaviour.

Of course, they would probably just compensate by making the entire app useless without the track u permissions enabled :(

I really hope Google fixes Android's broken security model. As the owner user of an Android device, I should be able to configure feature access on a per app basis. It's ridiculous that you have to either grant an app all requested access, or just don't install it. You should be able to install it, but choose which features to grant access to and which to deny.

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On iOS I can deny permissions one by one: I can deny the Facebook app to access my location, contacts and photos. an empty address book, empty list of currently running apps, a fake network access which actually routes the data through a proxy and so on.

back at the start when app developers mark all their permissions to be core.

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Updated Facebook for Android requires

It won't solve the problem. The default response will be to simply refuse to run at all. And, for an app like facebook, which has the upper hand, it is not a big deal that the user doesn't like it.

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It's going to be tough to convince every app developer to have their applications work in those circumstances. I would imagine Air Huarache Burnt Metal Blue

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"then we are back at the start when app developers mark all their permissions to be core"It should always be the user's or administrator's choice. There really is no such thing as a "core" permission. Of course some apps become a nullity without some access, but an unhandled security exception in those cases could result, for example, in a more detailed system message asking if you want to uninstall the app, since you have decided against giving it permissions that the developer has decided are essential. This would also alert you to when a non location app was trying to sneak a look at where you are.

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some permissions which are core to the application would be required. Of course, then we are Nike Huarache Ultra Jacquard

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On iOS the onus is on the developer.

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What if core features of the app rely on the permissions? Is the onus on the app developer to build checks for permissions or on the user to realize the app isn't working the way it should because they disabled some permissions?

Google was asked for this myriad times. On desktop we used to call this kind of applications "spyware", frown upon them and let antivirus software block those on sight. On tablets, this is a norm of life.

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