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Womens Nike Air Huarache White

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

One of the nastiest things I've ever come across was the sight of a mushroom growing out of a baseboard in a bathroom. Needless to say the caulking wasn't in good shape either. If your baseboards look warped, discolored, if the paint is flaking, or if a mushroom is growing out of them, rip them out and put new ones in. Baseboards aren't expensive (under a dollar per foot), and if you own and know how to use a circular saw and a measuring tape you can easily install them yourself.

Upgrading Your Bathroom Without Breaking The Bank

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

is not only unsightly, but it can lead to some seriously expensive repair bills if it's not taken care of. If there are spots on it that can't be rubbed off then it's time to replace, because the mildew is working its way through. While you need to be careful about chipping tiles or cutting yourself on a razor blade when removing old caulk, it's a simple Nike Huarache White Green

This might seem a little silly if you haven't looked too closely at your porcelain throne. The thing about toilet seats is that they're usually made of plastic or wood, which doesn't stand the test of time the way that porcelain does. Stains, mildew, Womens Nike Air Huarache White and other tiny creepy crawlies set up shop in your toilet seat and turn it into a nightmare inducing horror. While the rest of the toilet might look pretty bad, you can (usually) fix that with lots of harsh chemicals and elbow grease. Also unlike the actual fixture, replacing a toilet seat is cheap (20 50 bucks) and takes about as long as it takes you to find a screwdriver to install the thing.

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

When you move into an older house there are usually a few things that are ruining the look of your bathroom, and addressing those will go a very long way toward giving you a nice, elegant feeling home.

Ripping out and re doing a bathroom is one of those things that tends to get out of hand fast. Often we'll find ourselves with a half finished project, left sitting for months or years because Huarache Nike Mens

putting in a new bathroom is incredibly expensive. The fear of that happening will usually hold us back from doing anything beyond maybe a half hearted new paint job, pending that fabled future time when we'll have a bunch of leftover money to blow. Fortunately there is a lot that you can do to transform your bathroom by yourself, without hiring contractors, and without spending a ton of money.

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

A common bathroom maintenance issue that will almost certainly be past due is caulking. Old caulk Nike Air Huarache Orange And Black

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

job that anyone can learn and do on their own. The stuff itself is only a few dollars per cartridge, so keeping everything nicely sealed is a no brainer.

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

All of that together is, at minimum, less than 300 dollars, plus the time and effort of doing the work, which sure beats the five to ten thousand dollars that it costs to hire someone to tear out and rebuild your bathroom.

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

Womens Nike Air Huarache White

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