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The people who get the bill for the solar panels presumably.

Huarache Utility Safari

Huarache Utility Safari

A reason, though perhaps not theirs, storage. If you have excess wind/solar you could use a hydrogen generator to create enough to provide some minimal power for low production Nike Huarache Iron Green

Huarache Utility Safari

Huarache Utility Safari

Luyt 658 days ago link

Huarache Utility Safari

IIRC you stick an anode and kathode into the urine, separated by a semi Huarache Nike Black White

So what does that have to do with urine?Use the energy from the solar panel directly, why convert it to hydrogen and back to electricity?

Does this really work with a 9 volt battery? That would be a cool thing to show my kids.

The idea is that their electrolysis unit is fed by the generator, which is in turn fed by the hydrogen from the electrolysis unit. To make the contraption somewhat more scientific looking (and less suspect), they've put two water filters in the loop, presumably to 'purify' the hydrogen.

Huarache Utility Safari

Huarache Utility Safari

VBprogrammer 658 days ago link

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Yeah, it's awesome. You can also try different electrode materials (connected to the battery with alligator clips) to make the water turn mysterious colors. Copper is the coolest in my opinion, if you salt the water it will go through multiple oxidation stages over time and change from green to yellow to black. (Oh, and if you use copper and let it react for a really long time, it will form copper tetrachloride and if you mix that with copper sulphate (blue crystals used to kill roots, get it at most Huarache Utility Safari any hardware store) you can come up with this crazy stuff that will eat up aluminum foil like some kind of nasty acid but does nothing to human skin.)

If you stick a pair of charged contacts in a container of water, you'll see bubbles produced at each contact. Just drop it in a cup of water. Presto! Hydrogen!Use solar power as a source of electricity, and who cares about efficiency?

Huarache Utility Safari

whatshisface 658 days ago link

Does the article say that the generator runs the electrolysis? I don't see where it does.

stcredzero 658 days ago Nike Huarache Utility Womens

Huarache Utility Safari


permeable membrane. This takes power of course. I'm not entirely convinced yet. Saying something gives you "6 hours of electricity" means nothing. My watch battery gives me years of electricity for example.

times or overnight.

Urine is put into an electrolytic cell

Huarache Utility Safari

Huarache Utility Safari

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