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Whitlock said. But he "presented a very candid picture of the financial straights the state finds itself in, both currently and for the coming biennium."

But about $650,000 will have to come from personnel costs and operating budgets. Both Whitlock and Ransdell said they foresee no layoffs but will likely accomplish the savings through hiring freezes or attrition.

Beshear said the state faces a $430 million shortfall for the fiscal year which ends June 30. A budget carryover from last year and a rainy day fund bring the total net deficit to about $300 million. He's asking state agencies exempting public schools and Medicaid to come up with 3 percent cuts in the current year in order to wipe out that deficit.

first year of the next two years, but he hopes things will improve after that.

"Obviously, the projections that we're going to have to deal with in determining the next two year budget are not sufficient to support a (sufficient) increases," Beshear said. Ransdell said he expects a "continuation budget," at least in the Nike Air Huarache White

Mens Nike Air Huarache Ultra

Mens Nike Air Huarache Ultra

"The governor very eloquently expressed the value he Nike Huarache Black And White Women

Ransdell said he's disappointed to face cuts in his budget again, but he is nonetheless optimistic about the long term after listening to Beshear Thursday.

Ronnie Ellis Updated 1 month ago

Universities hear the bad budget news from Beshear

Surprise! The state budget crunch which new Gov. Steve Beshear has been talking about is likely to result in higher tuition costs for Kentucky college students.

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And the picture isn't bright for the next two years either, Beshear said after the meeting.

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Mens Nike Air Huarache Ultra

"I think there's a limit to just how much tuition can continue to go up," said Western Kentucky University President Gary Ransdell on Thursday after he and other university presidents met with Beshear for just more than a hour to discuss the state budget and the implications for higher education.

"We will not see double digit increases at WKU we just won't," Ransdell said. He said the university had budgeted 6 percent increases in tuition for each of the next two years and the state budget shortfall might push that up, but not to double digits.

According to data from the Council on Postsecondary Education, the 3 percent reduction in higher education would total about $34.5 million. Western would have to find $2.5 million in savings, Eastern $2.39 million; Morehead State University about $1.44 million; the Kentucky Community and Technical College System would have to come up with $6.8 million; University of Louisville, $5 million and the University of Kentucky, approximately $10 million.

Beshear, according to Ransdell and Eastern Kentucky University President Doug Whitlock, demonstrated a genuine understanding of the role higher education plays in the state's economic development. Both called the discussion a "candid conversation."

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Whitlock said those cuts might result in higher tuition but he like Ransdell said Eastern will look to spread the cuts out over several areas including maintenance , reducing its contingency Mens Nike Air Huarache Ultra fund, and new initiatives the university had hoped to fund.

Mens Nike Air Huarache Ultra

Mens Nike Air Huarache Ultra

Mens Nike Air Huarache Ultra

Mens Nike Air Huarache Ultra

places on higher education and the role we play in helping to drive the state's economic engine," Nike Huarache Black Tumblr

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