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"We are in receipt of a letter from Mr. Villanova requesting that his Local 134 pension credits cease immediately. The Local 134 Executive Board will act upon his request accordingly," Peter Cerf, the pension fund's executive board secretary, wrote in September 2007.

City pension officials could have pursued criminal charges against him if they thought he had knowingly made false statements on his pension application, which is a felony.

To get that deal, Villanova had to make $344,000 in contributions to the plan as if he had been a city employee all along. He also had to submit an application certifying that he met all the criteria for the city pension, including that he wasn't part of a union pension plan.

When Villanova became president of the trades council in 2004, Local 134 amended its pension plan to allow certain employees of the council to be participants. The Tribune and WGN TV were able to identify contributions the trades council made on Villanova's behalf because he was one of only two council employees who were part of Local 134's plan and the only one who had worked long enough to be vested.

The municipal pension fund discovered in September 2010 that Villanova was not complying with state law by participating in both funds. Huarache Boots Mens

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Men's Shoe

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Men's Shoe

That means Villanova wasn't required to return union members' money that went to his union pension, and eventually he still could get access to it.

Nike Air Huarache Ultra Men's Shoe

Union leader draws pension perk on false information

Officials from Local 134 and the trades council declined to comment on Villanova's pensions.

Under rules governing the city pension plan, on the other hand, Villanova could retire from Nike Air Huarache Yeezy

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"I was an employee with the City of Chicago or Board of Education," his signed application states, "and was granted a leave of absence to work as an employee of the labor organization named below." The organization he wrote in was Local 134.

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Frank O'Lone, secretary treasurer of the trades council, also wrote a letter on Villanova's behalf, in October 2008. "Thomas Villanova will not receive any pension credits in the Building Trades Council Pension Plan for the period starting 3/5/2004 to present," the letter read. Department of Labor show that money set aside for Villanova remained in the fund.

In November 2008, Villanova signed an application that included this line: "I also understand that I am allowed to make these contributions as long as I do not receive credit in any pension plan established by such local labor organization."

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Nike Air Huarache Ultra Men's Shoe

Yet city records show that Villanova didn't take a leave of absence to work for Local 134. He took a leave to attend Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Hills. While there, he earned roughly $41,000 a year working for the college, state records show.

his old city job at 56 with 70 percent of his average union salary during the prior four years; that average turned out to be $158,000. What's more, he could keep his high paying union position.

The local's pension plan would have provided Villanova with 45 percent of his average salary during his highest paid five years of work. He couldn't retire until he turned 65, however, without forfeiting a significant chunk of his union pension.

Records submitted by the union pension plan show that, in all, about $200,000 in member Nike Air Huarache Ultra Men's Shoe dues from the trades council went toward a union pension for Villanova. He also received a decade's worth of contributions from Local 134 members before becoming president of the trades council. But it's impossible to know the total from publicly available documents.

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in case municipal pension fund requirements "are reversed pursuant to action of the (fund's) trustees or litigation by similarly situated participants."

Municipal pension fund officials had Villanova sign an affidavit admitting that he was participating in both plans at the same time and promising to "disclaim" union contributions that overlap with his city pension. But the money is staying in the fund Huarache For Girls

In addition to his signed application, Villanova submitted a letter from a trustee of Local 134's pension plan that said Villanova had waived his union pension.

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Villanova's hefty municipal pension depended, in large part, on how he described his leave of absence from the city in his pension application.

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