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Nike Huarache Black On Feet

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

Options could include digging up and removing the soil or repeatedly aerating it to speed up the natural break down of the chemicals into less toxic Nike Huarache Black On Feet substances. The first option, which is typical for dealing with heavily contaminated soils, is complicated by concerns that moving earth could undermine the Nike Huarache Black And White Woman

Engineer Norman Davis, 51, of Nike Air Huarache Run Womens

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

The size of the spill was significant, but the location and conditions limited the potential pollution, Miller said.

Although there are residential wells in the area, Miller said there's no immediate threat to groundwater and probably only a slim long term threat.

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

"It just has to do with the location," she said. "They want to make sure everything stays stable."

A plan for cleaning up the site of a train derailment that spilled about 30,000 gallons of ethanol won't be settled upon until later this week as officials from government agencies and the Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad continue to examine options.

"They classify it as a fairly large spill but in almost ideal circumstances," she said, referring to the creek banks that kept the fuel from spreading widely over the landscape and the dry soil that soaked up the liquid rather than allowing it to flow to the Minnesota River.

A small amount of the fuel pooled up at the site and was removed by a vacuum truck Monday. Cleaning up the soil where the gasoline soaked into the ground will be the challenge now.

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

"I expect probably by the end of the week, they'll have a pretty good idea of what to do moving forward," said Nancy Miller, an information officer for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in southeastern Minnesota.

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

Waseca told deputies that the train, made up of 66 cars, was traveling 24 mph when the brakes activated, indicating that cars had become detached. Davis said he Nike Air Huarache Run Premium

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

integrity of the railroad bridge, Miller said.

Crews continued Monday to empty derailed tanker cars of ethanol and remove the cars from the site of the incident near the Little Cottonwood River. Agencies have reported differing numbers of derailed cars, ranging from six to eight, but agreed that just one ruptured, emptying its load of ethanol into the dry creek bed.

The investigation into the cause of the derailment is continuing. An incident report from the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Department obtained Monday included a few facts on the accident but no speculation about why it occurred.

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

The contents of the tanker could also have been much more harmful, Miller said. Pure ethanol, which isn't particularly toxic and is biodegradable, made up 98 percent of the fuel. The other 2 percent was gasoline, which is added to ethanol to make it undrinkable for potential thieves during transportation, and that component is the more serious concern.

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

found seven derailed cars and that four of them were leaking, although officials later said that the leaks in all but the one car were quickly stopped.

up options still being debated

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

Nike Huarache Black On Feet

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