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Hi Android Experts,

I were Nike Huarache Olive asleep at the time, it seems that some unidentified app has done so automatically. She has downloaded a number of free apps, primarily simple games for the kids to play around with. She isn't really much of a tech person, so I can't say for sure what she may or may not have selected during an app installation. I've gone through her app list superficially, and I can't see anything obvious that would be related to the downloaded information.

internet computing if there is a huge unknown traffic going on, look for porn, or some sort of porn gadgets

It's just like any other computing device if any sort of automatic updating is enabled, then munch munch gulp. And since Android's global app policies are a bid disjointed and difficult to find in the configuration menus, simply locking out the data channel when the user is certain not to need it, is probably the most effective way to ensure no unwelcome behaviors.

I battled this problem with not agreeing to any any "do you agree to transfer blablabla, which can happen while no apps are running", not agreeing to any updates, data transfer or synchronization, and not joining the app market. Also, I turn off the network most of the time. That of course means that the device turns into a good ol' brick phone on steroids, and cuts down most of the fancy features. But since I only use it for tethering and internet browser while I'm not at home, it works out ok.

Doing some searching on the phone, I Women Nike Huarache Ultra

unknown downloads on wife's android phone

thanks for any help,Many/most apps can be forced to manual only update mode, so take a closer look. It's also possible the phone automatically downloaded some sort of OS update, or was attempting to download an app update and timed out several times on an incomplete download, forcing it to start over.

Does anyone know of a way to trace download/upload activity on android? Any ideas about how to identify the culprit program? Any suggestions about how to avoid this activity in the future? Is there a way to find out the date when an app was installed? If I can't sort anything out, I'll probably uninstall all the particularly useless apps.

Nike Huarache Olive

Hey experts, thanks for all the great advice. I installed the built in HTC widget for turning on/off data transfers. Seems to work well, and lets the phone keep working as a phone.

Nike Huarache Olive

Nike Huarache Olive

But if seriously, yes, smartphones are very dangerous because of silent downloads. Every freaking thing on them wants to go online, without even thinking about asking for permission. This can get super bad if you travel abroad and Opera or something decides that it's a good idea to download multi megabyte update via roaming networks, charging over 50$ per MB.

Nike Huarache Olive

He who laughs last, laughs first next time.

Nike Huarache Olive

We do have wifi, and I try to use it when doing app updates etc. Normally it isn't turned on because of the battery drain and our typical 'normal' useage of the data. The 50 MB limit is never normally an issue.

Nike Huarache Olive

Nike Huarache Olive

just brew it! wrote:ludi wrote:Best thing you can do to ensure no after hours shenanigans is to locate an app that allows one touch selecting of mobile data on/off, put a button on the main home screen, and then always shut off mobile data before turning in for the night.

I've just recently received a bill from our mobile phone provider (telus mobility) and my wife incurred some major data charges ($35) that were completely unanticipated. She has a 50 MB plan. I looked at the online bill which can give a lot of detail, and found that her phone had downloaded over 200 MB on the 13th between 4 and 5 am. Because she and Huarache Utility Red And Black

I actually have an app in my notification bar pull down that currently allows one touch cycling of WiFi, BlueTooth, GPS, Audio, Data, and 2G/3G but AFAIK this was enabled by Cyanogen Mod, and you probably don't want to root and mod a phone held by a non techie.

was able to track down a 80 and a 50 MB file in the directory for a game called 'Mystery of the Crystal Portal' that my wife had downloaded. These files are huge for downloaded game there should be a warning in the app description. When I read through the comments on the game, there were a number of 1 star ratings that complained about continued download fails (70% complete) and then download restarts. I can only imagine how much data could have been downloaded.

Best thing you can do to ensure no after hours shenanigans is to locate an app that allows one touch selecting of mobile data on/off, put a button on the main home screen, and then always shut off mobile data before turning in for the night. That will guarantee that if the phone goes data hunting it will have to do so over WiFi (if available), but will still be immediately accessible for talk and text use if an overnight emergency occurs. Speaking of which, do you have WiFi at home, and is the phone set up to find it?

There was another game directory that had a some large files. There was almost 100 MB of data for Asphalt 5, a racing game. The 1 star review comments for this game also mention the large download sizes! Both of these games had been downloaded because we went on a trip to England and she thought the kids would like them to play. Since the early days of Nike Air Huarache Ultra Red

He who laughs last, laughs first next time.

Nike Huarache Olive

Nike Huarache Olive

vargis14 wrote:I heard androids are data hogs.

I'm going to take a look into your suggestion for a mobile data on/off button. Now that i have some time over the wknd I'm going to try to track down the files downloaded, or see what apps are on the phone more specifically. I'll update this post with what I find. If anyone has any other useful suggestions, I'd appreciate them.

Users really shouldn't need to do this to avoid getting whacked with random unexpected download charges.

Nike Huarache Olive

Nike Huarache Olive

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