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Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

a boot volume for your computer I would take an image backup of everything as is now I've used Acronis on a RAID0 before without a problem, and with RAID0 increasing your chance of a drive failure, probably not a bad idea to find an imaging solution that works for you. Personally, my plan would be image backup, update firmware on other machine, secure erase to get back to full performance, rebuild RAID array in BIOS, restore image.

My gut is telling me that I will have to back up my install, plug the drives into another PC (I have a dock so that's not a problem) update the firmware, run TRIM since the drives don't support TRIM over raid [silly Intel] , then put the drives back together in the original PC.

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

anyone else had done this so I could avoid any Nike Huarache Womens Black

I am probably just worrying too much but I wanted to reach out and ask to see if Nike Huarache Light Pink

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

I think that what frumper15 was asking is "have you hit a bug that the firmware fixes?" Just because a new firmware is out doesn't mean you have to update. Now, if there are a number of fixes that address really nasty bugs that you are likely to hit, and luckily haven't, then you might consider it. If there is a giant performance or longevity boost, you might consider it. If it is just because there is a new firmware out, don't bother unless you just like to tinker.

Updating Firmware on SSD raid

Assume you will brick one or both of the drives. Nike Huarache Women Tumblr Theoretically, you can survive loss of one as that is the point of RAID 1. Still, take an image of both disks with your favorite tool. A regular old spinning drive big enough to hold raw images of both is under $100. Personally, I would take a raw image of the disks, no intepretation, just a sector for sector copy.

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

potential pitfalls.

I have a pair of 160GB Intel X25 m SSD's in raid 0 on an MSI Z77 Mpower board. I know there is a firmware update available for the drives but I am have zero experience updating firmware on a raid array.

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

I wouldn't trust that your data would survive through all that back and forth. Since they're so small, I would imagine you could backup all the data on there to ensure you don't lose anything before you get started. If they are being used as Nike Air Huarache Junior Cheap

My trepidation comes in putting the drives back together. Will the firmware update affect the raid array at all? As well should I be worried about TRIM compromising the data on the drives since they have only ever been operated in a RAID array. Will Intel's TRIM mark sectors for deletion if they have partial data on them?

Nike Huarache Women Tumblr

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