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Are you using desktop computers with wireless adapters or laptops? If you absolutely need to use wireless for some reason, i would look into more of a professional grade solution. That being said, I don't have a great recommendation for you. Hopefully someone else could chime in.

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

5. I've seen consumer routers that get a bad case of indigestion from the DNS port randomization security measure which was rolled out by all of the major OS Huaraches Womens Pink

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

back. AFAICT it overloads the router's internal connection tracking tables. The symptom I've seen is that connections just fail or time out, but it is not inconceivable that buggy firmware could result in the router crashing or rebooting.

IMHO, if you're trying to do business and your network connection depends on it, do what it takes to get wired networking going. I know wireless has come a long way and is pretty darn reliable for the most part, but using a consumer grade router/wap seems like a recipe for instability and headaches.

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Done the modifications. Now I'll have to wait and see. I'll post back with info. Thank you very much.

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bthylafh wrote:Don't know what your specific problem might be, but one thing jumps out at me: you shouldn't be running your router on channel 10. There are really only three channels you should ever use: 1, 6, and whatever the highest channel you're allowed to use in your country (13?). Roughly speaking, the other channels are too close to each other and leave you open to interference.

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

I would at least try a test to see if it is the wireless that is giving you issues or the router itself. in other words, buy or borrow a switch or two and a bunch of longer network cables to get everyone hooked up wired to a lan port on the router and see if you still get the reboots. If you do, i would say you need a new router/WAP. I've had decent luck with linksys products if you're looking to stay cheap and cheerful. Have you checked whether there are any newer firmware versions available for that router?

2. What sort of things are these 10 users doing? Are they mainly using the router to access the Internet, or are they pounding on the local server? If it is the latter, expecting a consumer wireless router to keep up may be expecting too much.

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it may just be dying (I've seen routers and switches from a few years ago that have died due to exploding capacitors).

Also if your router and all the wireless devices support it, you should be on WPA2/AES instead of /TKIP, because TKIP is rather less secure.

4. Any chance that someone on the network is using Bittorrent (or other P2P) software? P2P can overload some routers.

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

3. How long have you had this router? Has it always had this problem, or did it start recently? If it is still Womens Nike Huarache Black And White under warranty, perhaps an RMA is the way to go. If it is older, Nike Huarache Ladies

vendors a couple of years Nike Air Huarache Ultra On Feet

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

Any other suggestions are welcome.

Womens Nike Huarache Black And White

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